Contact Info:

Tel: (807) 626-3470

How you can help:

We urgently need volunteer help
in the 2 following areas:

  • For a couple hours a month, or more, collecting cans from our local collection bins in and around Thunder Bay and to be dropped off at our local sorting yard.
  • For 2 hours a week or more in our yard to clean and sort donated aluminum cans.


Support local needs in your

  • Donate your aluminum cans to PCFC to make your recycling efforts have the greatest impact for your world and your community.

How to Donate

Start a collection in your office or work place. Call us when you have a large Bag full to pick up or just drop them off in one of our many convenient locations. Join us in going Green and helping to recycle products that can help others. Our contact number is 807 626-3470 let it ring and then leave a message on our voice mail if we are away from the phone. Remember we are all volunteers. Thank You


Presently there are over 140 drop off locations in and around Thunder Bay, Kakabeka, Paipoonge and rural Thunder Bay. The bins are there for the citizens of Thunder Bay at the locations provided by the many sponsors and businesses at their buildings and properties. The Bins are FREE to all that donate and easy to drop off / donate your empty aluminum cans that help us to help causes in our local community. The donation of Spirits Bottles and beer cans have been added and we accept them also.

IF Businesses and our donating friends CAN CRUSH the cans and just put your cans or bottles alone in our bins we appreciate that as it is less garbage we have to sort and handle as we clean all the cans to send to the recycler for the best price available. When you bring your kind donations to our locations please consider dumping the cans or bottles into the bin and take your container or bag back home to reuse or dispose of. CRUSHED CANS are always welcome if you can please do so.

Your asking to know where your closest and most convenient drop off bin is located, then please click on the link below "drop off locations" to view a full list of our current collection bin locations. PLEASE DO NOT put garbage or dog droppings in our bins and do take your containers home if you wouldn't mind helping us in that way.

drop-off locations

Next you can help us further by rinsing and crushing your aluminum cans and once again if you would be good enough dump them in our bin and please take your bag or container home to reuse or recycle. By doing this it reduces the sorting times and frees up our volunteers time which can then be used else where in our daily operation and community.

What We accept

Aluminum Pop and Beverage Cans and any aluminum products, lawn chairs, aluminum doors and windows (NO GLASS PLEASE), Aluminum siding, aluminum automotive parts, JUST anything aluminum, USE a magnet if it sticks to the metal then it is most likely NOT ALUMINUM and we can't use it. Thank YOU

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